Dream of Italy Podcast

MEANING: Dream of italy podcast shows that your emotions are somewhat unstable and changing. You are going through a very positive time personally. You will start the week with an optimistic day. There are friends who seem to be, but then are not. You should not rush into making decisions about important aspects of your life.

SOON: Dream of italy podcast shows that in your work things are going well, even though monotony despairs you. After a week of hard work, you feel like dedicating your day to yourself. You have a special ability to deal with people. At work, you want to iron out the kinks with someone you don’t like. You must assume that your present is now and that this is what you must live.

FUTURE: Dream of italy podcast signifies that you will find it quite calm and breathe easy. Sadness moves away and you manage to overcome any small setback. In addition, it will help you to forget a small inconvenience that has arisen. Soon you will receive that call that so much illusion makes. You will discover that success is in you and not in factors external to you.

ADVICE: Open your mind and enjoy different and surprising things. Confront your demons so you can defeat them.

WARNING: Your accounts are healthy, but avoid committing too many excesses. Don’t give so much thought to something that already happened this week.

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