Dream of Invention

MEANING: Dream of invention means that you will gain some amazing new wisdom and knowledge. Celebrate with him and don’t stop sending him love and affection. Try to bring them joy and good humor, because that will make you feel good. Today you must take everything with a lot of patience and not intervene in other people’s lives. An opportunity arises to improve something at work, especially in the conditions you have now.

SOON: Dream of invention shows that humor is something basic to be happy, and sometimes it is convenient to laugh at oneself. You can’t stand to stay in your home too long and want to go out and have fun. This is normal, especially if your relationship has been established for a long time. Others often understand time very differently from you. It’s better to put on a smile, even if it costs.

FUTURE: Dream of invention expresses that you will understand now that you have exactly what you deserve. You will recover this way a land that you were leaving without fertilizing. In this way you will achieve extraordinary results that will leave your boss with his mouth open. A person crosses your path who in time will become indispensable to you. At night you will enjoy in the intimacy, together with your partner, the passion that unites you.

ADVICE: Try to focus on positive so that you don’t miss out on the possibilities of the day. Reflect if it is in your hand to change things or if it is better for each one to go his own way.

WARNING: Don’t play down their problems and listen to them carefully. Beware of the cold because a bad move can happen to you.

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My older brother died, and my sister made an invention that makes things more efficient. Someone who we tried to get a deal from earlier wouldn’t give us a deal, and they tried to ask us a deal and I hoped and found out my sister said no. The machine took something of land and made land more fertile quickly, or something like that.