Dream of Hydrangeas

MEANING: Dream of hydrangeas symbolises that spring is one of your favorite times of the year and you feel great at this time of your life. You need to keep your distance from some matter or situation. Start right now to free yourself from useless worries. You are trying to get to the core of a matter or situation. You have your own audience, those who love you, those people who know how to appreciate or value your work.

SOON: Dream of hydrangeas shows that your work goals are very ambitious, but they are by no means impossible. Far away were the disputes over trivialities and insecurities. In love there is still land that is unknown to you. You can reorganize certain aspects of your environment and start again with more experience. You have met someone who interests you, but you don’t know if the feeling is reciprocal.

FUTURE: Dream of hydrangeas shows that you will concentrate a lot on an important goal that is getting closer. You’ll have the upper hand if you add a little cunning to it all. You are more aware than ever of the importance of health and taking better care of yourself. Challenges will stimulate your intellect, so don’t leave them alone, go for it. Deep down, you know you appreciate him even though your world view is very different.

ADVICE: You must take the reins without big gestures. If you are waiting for an answer or confirmation of something, try to stay calm.

WARNING: Thou shalt bring forth any internal conflict to be dispelled. Try to be cautious and keep those words that are negative.

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