Dream of Horseman

MEANING: Dream of horseman shows that you will have to leave other matters aside and devote time to that which comes now. Great changes are coming in your life, but they will not all happen at once. You are too rigid in your attitudes and decisions. You will be given some very good job-related news that will somehow change your reality. You breathe and allow yourself some joy or a whim.

SOON: Dream of horseman shows that your plans are very interesting and unique. The most important thing is that you change your attitude to circumstances, especially at work. There are certain topics that pertain to your privacy that you do not have to disclose to others. Artistic or cultural activities are necessary for you as for others the bread. Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing lately.

FUTURE: Dream of horseman means that you will feel a special chemistry for a person you have never noticed before. During these days teamwork will predominate and will be crucial to achieve your goals. Holidays will help you regain your strength and improve your health. You will remember with great intensity what you lived with an old love. You will be very inspired and focused on it and will spend a lot of time.

ADVICE: There are things that must be transformed now in your life and you must put yourself on the path. Pay attention to what your values are and don’t do anything that might go against them.

WARNING: Try not to let it affect you professionally, even if you are right. Live it fully without complexes or fears that limit you.

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