Dream of Horned

MEANING: Dream of horned indicates that if you reflect on this and try to adapt to new things, it will not be all so black. You’ll have plenty of money to live well, but you can’t let your guard down in the next few weeks. You are striving for something that you cannot attain. To keep up with the trend, spend some time thinking about what you will do the next day. Relativize things and turn history upside down so that that same history benefits you.

SOON: Dream of horned signifies that your emotional ties are strengthened during the day and you feel much closer to your partner. You regain the optimism and desire to start in a company, business or project. It’s not that hard, look for inspiration or ask for advice. It’s never too late to go back to school. You are good at finding niche markets and your project could work now.

FUTURE: Dream of horned symbolises that you will want to have fun in the company of your loved ones and welcome any plan they propose. You will receive congratulations for reaching the goals. You will learn, thanks to her, that you cannot put yourself on the list of so many things to do. In addition, those closest to you will help you finish them without protest. Iran will ease the discomfort and you will recover the optimism.

ADVICE: Adjust some points, listen to the advice and rethink your claims. Try to be as discreet as possible and behave with a lot of politeness and subtlety.

WARNING: Don’t be obsessed with your children’s education and don’t be so strict with them. Be honest and don’t do what you don’t want to do.

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