Dream of Gross

MEANING: Dream of gross signifies that problems that seemed impossible to solve are now beginning to be solved. You are adopting a new way of looking at things. Today is a day for you to put aside your worries and dedicate yourself to what you like best. Don’t be surprised if you miss a bit of those quips that you are going to show without much modesty. You are going through a period of depression.

SOON: Dream of gross suggests that you fill yourself with courage to put into practice everything that you didn’t dare to try before. You are in a period where you are discovering things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Your intuition wants to tell you something, but it needs you to connect with yourself. Feelings for your partner are strong, but you may not show them as you should. You feel safe and confident to carry out whatever you want to propose.

FUTURE: Dream of gross indicates that you will receive valuable advice from a friend who is like a brother to you. A person from the past will return to your present when you had practically forgotten him. Those who are by your side will notice it a lot. You will regain your strength and recover from any illness or bump in the road. A person of different age will put fire in your heart soon.

ADVICE: Practice some of the hobbies you enjoy most and stay away from conflicting people. Follow the example of those who do not fall into certain labor traps that lead to oppression.

WARNING: Don’t refuse an invitation to a lunch or dinner from an old acquaintance. You must not under any circumstances allow.

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