Dream of Godmother

MEANING: Dream of godmother indicates that perhaps asking a family member to forgive you is something that will make you feel much better. It’s time to create new things in your life. Look for something you really deserve and it is your right. Children will pay attention and love you and that will make you have a good time. In the most intimate, in personal relationships, it will also be a positive, hopeful day.

SOON: Dream of godmother indicates that you are in a good moment to turn the page and bet on new projects. You’ve never seen that person behave that way. You regain the optimism and desire to start in a company, business or project. You are lucky to be surrounded by people who are worthwhile. The struggle to achieve your dreams is something that only belongs to you.

FUTURE: Dream of godmother symbolises that a celebration is approaching in which they are counting on you in a very special way. A healthy diet will make you start sleeping better at night. You will be very satisfied with yourself. An acquaintance, whom you will meet casually, will give you an important clue. Nature will give you calm and peace of mind.

ADVICE: Make that call that you constantly think about. Quarantine an apparently very advantageous job offer without any guarantees.

WARNING: Don’t get into labor wars that only lead to exhaustion. Eliminate jealousy, suspicion and doubt from your life.

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