Dream of Getting Rear Ended

MEANING: Dream of getting rear ended means that keep your needs above theirs, even if it’s hard for you in principle. Someone close to you might have to go away for professional reasons. You need to be nurtured and to feel special. Someone is going to make you feel very good, probably feed your ego, your security. Your love is true, but remember that love is watered every day.

SOON: Dream of getting rear ended suggests that you have worked hard and now that you have rested you feel it has been worthwhile. Someone has owed you a debt for a long time and you don’t decide to claim it. You are putting a lot of effort into recovering some habits that you know are very good for you. Now it’s your turn not to worry so much about what might happen and just live in the present. It’s time to choose what you like best and what suits you.

FUTURE: Dream of getting rear ended means that you will be more reflective and calculating. A person you loved with all your soul, returns to offer you what he denied you yesterday. You will leave the pass improvising a small dinner, that at the end will be pleasant. The stronger you feel, the more difficult it will be for pathologies and illnesses to emerge. The couple will be a source of good understanding and comprehension.

ADVICE: Make an effort to smile in front of the mirror. Try to get more rest and avoid giving things too much thought.

WARNING: Try to temper the situation with your natural sympathy. Don’t waste your time with entertainment or spending too many hours with social networks.

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