Dream of Getting Flying

MEANING: Dream of getting flying symbolises that certain fears from the past will be activated again and you may feel somewhat sad and discouraged. Don’t expose yourself to anything today that risks your reputation or safety. You are steering in the right direction. You are moving forward in the right direction. Blaming others will not help you.

SOON: Dream of getting flying indicates that you have the right to live your life the way you want without too much explanation. There are people close to us who share that passion, whether in sport or culture. It’s a good day to be at home as much as possible. Planning certain activities does not hurt. It’s better to follow a single direction and not give so many yawns.

FUTURE: Dream of getting flying symbolises that seeking solutions, acting and remedying will be worthwhile. Any conversation or discussion will be very interesting now. In love you will love without borders, without taboos or limitations. You will solve complications you didn’t count on, with a person very close to you. You still want to change, improve, redecorate your home, your environment.

ADVICE: Follow this person’s advice and keep your distance from the person who is trying to hurt you. Never say you can’t, and fearlessly embark on new adventures.

WARNING: Don’t let out any negative tendencies, you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself. Give way to the ideas of others, and do not try to impose all your criteria.

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