Dream of Getting A Lover

MEANING: Dream of getting a lover shows that you believe that you are constantly learning, even when you are not in the classroom. A gap will be created inside you and at first you will not know what has caused it. You will be enthusiastic and positive with others, leaving no room for criticism or discussion. You will have to overcome a difficult test in the next days or weeks. Your intuition will work very well today, follow it because you will be inspired, very accurate.

SOON: Getting a lover in dream symbolises that they are for your safety, even if they imply some expense that you don’t like to do. Family life is stabilized and harmony, balance and order reign again. A new path of reflection opens up before you and takes you inside. Your relationships are usually warm and meaningful. If you smoke, it’s a perfect time to quit.

FUTURE: Dream of getting a lover shows that you will be happy with your partner’s successes and how he is evolving in his work. The truth is that you will feel more liberated when you vent and clarify the situation. The darkness will disappear when you point the flashlight. Your partner will thank you for that change, so let him/her know that you are working on it. You will now have the mental power and cunning to succeed in any challenge ahead.

More about Getting A Lover

Dream of lover suggests that you dare to be happy without feeling guilty. In any case, things are going to work out quite well. The law of karma is inexorable and as you sow, so shall you receive. A person will put your feet on the ground, listen to him. A friend will ask you for advice or help and you should be by his side.

Dream of getting a lover contains special messages

ADVICE: If you are waiting for an answer or confirmation of something, try to stay calm. If you need it, get advice from a professional.

WARNING: Don’t let your illusion be taken away by people who are not up to you. Even if it costs you a great emotional effort, you must let it go.

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