Dream of Frying

MEANING: Dream of frying suggests that your family contact will be greatly improved. You want to start a serious relationship but are afraid to change your status. You are not being genuine and true to yourself. Your conversation will be light and everyone will find you fun, intelligent. If you criticize something in another person, stop and think why you are doing it.

SOON: Dream of frying symbolises that you have his total confidence but you must listen to him, be discreet. There are certain maneuvers around you that you should observe carefully. After all, it is your time and you must manage it as you see fit. Family is a very important pillar for you and makes you feel very happy to have it close. Your destiny is yours, no one else’s, so you can continue to take steps forward.

FUTURE: Dream of frying symbolises that he will know how to listen to you and your relationship will be enriched. Seeing him could bring you new ideas and possibilities that would make your life much more enjoyable. At night you will have a great time with friends. Your energy is now much and you will want to do much in a short time. In addition, you will forgive any past offense that until now has had no solution.

ADVICE: Try to maintain certain habits that you know will benefit you greatly. In any case, try to concentrate your strength for what is important.

WARNING: Keep a close eye, as you don’t want them to know you have that information. Be careful to shout out your truths as they could hurt other people’s feelings.

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