Dream of French

MEANING: Dream of french signifies that you know you can rise from your own ashes and find reasons to feel more joyful. Give yourself a treat different from other times. You need to keep your thoughts and ideas closely guarded. A conversation or email regarding a job after the summer will go quite well. You will act as a relative’s confidant to help him with his love problem.

SOON: French in dream signifies that it’s time to act and take charge of your life. Life is a constant transformation and we have to inevitably go with its rhythm. The winning bet is your decision, here and now, to see life through a positive prism. The best thing you can do is to control yourself. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and decisions.

FUTURE: Dream of french shows that there is an open path to follow towards balance. At work, you have already proved your worth and now it is your turn to renegotiate your conditions. You will do well if you intervene in a conflict at work and calm down. Material matters will occupy your thoughts. In your home a harmonic and very cordial atmosphere will prevail.

Dream of french contains special messages

ADVICE: Get experiences that you can later apply in your daily life. Do it now, as soon as possible and see how you feel better.

WARNING: Do not invest money that does not belong to you. Don’t lean on your partner or family members, or on external elements.

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