Dream of Flowing Water

MEANING: Dream of flowing water indicates that you won’t have any trouble giving in to their suggestions and you will even find them very amusing. Do not tell anyone about a conversation you are having with someone who has professional influence. One of your relatives is being negligent with himself and you don’t know how to warn him anymore. It is an inner work that you should do as soon as possible. The reality is what it is and the best thing you can do is to adapt to it, at least for the time being.

SOON: Flowing water in dream expresses that it’s about continuing to grow in the best way for you. It’s okay to invest, but when it can bring you some benefit. Your life is now saturated with activities, changes and many emotions. Finally you go through a stage of emotional stillness. Your spiritual life is important at this time.

FUTURE: Dream of flowing water signifies that you will be able to meet a very special person through common friends. You may be a little bit annoyed at first, but you will like it later. Perhaps a friend or family member will plan to visit you in the next few days. You have a pending love story that comes from the past and will return to the present. The alternative will not be so bad and you will all enjoy the day.

More about Flowing Water

Dream of water signifies that it’s time to focus on the professional, even if there are difficulties. You make that call that you have been postponing for some time because of laziness or fear. You will enjoy an everyday adventure with your partner that neither of you will easily forget. You can explore what that person is like up close. Ideas and more ideas in relation to work will flow relentlessly.

Dream of flowing water contains special messages

ADVICE: Make resolutions that will improve your mental and physical health. Now that the year begins, review your concepts and if necessary, renew your social contacts.

WARNING: Don’t talk, give opinions or criticize what you don’t know well. Don’t take anything too seriously, just go with the flow.

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