Dream of Flowers

MEANING: Dream of flowers symbolises that you are experiencing a surge in creativity. If you have a family meeting, avoid that person you bump into head-on. You are in a somewhat delicate moment, but you will successfully pass the test. That conversation will give you many clues to his intentions. Don’t stay at home meditating on your failures.

SOON: Dream of flowers suggests that naturalness is one of your best weapons when you use it well. You learn from a mistake and change your approach to relationships with children or family. As you should already know, health is a very serious issue. You are always ready to help and assist the one who needs you. You share the resolution of a problem and may go out to celebrate, even if only for a little while.

FUTURE: Dream of flowers means that money is going to come to you in abundance and you will not have to set your mind to it. You will continue to gain friends by your great generosity. Your health will not give you a headache. You will socialize with friends and possibly attend an event where you will meet new people. The idea of taking a trip may suddenly arise.

ADVICE: You need to manage your time better to make your day longer. Whatever it is, enjoy it without thinking about tomorrow, living every moment.

WARNING: Be sure to read all the fine print, there may be misleading. If you are looking for work, do not stay in the usual circle, as you have nothing to do there.

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