Dream of Finding Underwater

MEANING: Dream of finding underwater expresses that you must be honest with a family member you have unwittingly harmed. You must quarantine information you receive through an acquaintance. You now have clarity and insight into a once unclear situation. Today you must make a decision that will elevate you to a new level of health. Don’t get lost if you share some money with more people.

SOON: Dream of finding underwater means that you have learned wise lessons both in the management of your life and in love. Changes in temperature lower your defenses. Keep in mind that love is to continue to grow and to live more fully. You are open to life and so unexpected things happen to you. The important thing is that you continue to give your best every day.

FUTURE: Dream of finding underwater shows that a dream will be the one that gives you the key and points out the right path. You will be full and as usual you will put all the illusion and enthusiasm to your work. There is positive energy inside you, make the most of it. You will start new projects that will make you happy. When you do, you will feel much more liberated from burdens.

ADVICE: Don’t just stand there and act, because the answer will be much better than you expect. Breathe in life and breathe out the negatives of your body.

WARNING: If someone warns you about it, don’t radicalize your position, listen. You should not look away or be distracted from what is essential.

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