Dream of Feelings

MEANING: Dream of feelings expresses that don’t give up if something you want doesn’t come up at first. For this you have filled your agenda with numerous social commitments. Today you will be a little more animated because and calm because the disgust of yesterday passes little by little. The stubbornness you sometimes show will come out strongly today. You will have to work a lot and use the power of your will to the maximum.

SOON: Dream of feelings indicates that nobody said it was easy, but you have the capacity for that and more. Luck is on your side in a matter that affects several members of your family. Finally the uncertainty is over and you know where you stand. The decision can be right as long as you are tactful in communicating it. Mistakes are nothing but learning opportunities.

FUTURE: Dream of feelings expresses that you will need to be firm in your new bet and move forward even if not everyone supports you. In the professional field you will have a few months of rewarding challenges and new experiences. Joy, fun, pleasure will be medicine for your body and soul. You will be tempted to walk on the wild side of life. You will do well if you intervene in a conflict at work and calm down.

ADVICE: Strengthen your body and soul and trust those who spiritually can help you. You should take it easy and attend to that obligation to free yourself up for the weekend.

WARNING: You don’t have to do anything except relax and let things happen. Outbursts of temper or bad moods of others need not affect you.

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