Dream of Feeling Lazy

MEANING: Dream of feeling lazy suggests that you must consider if it is good for you and if it really makes you happy or if it is just a hobby. There is someone who needs you and you must be prepared to listen to him. You need to approach life’s difficulties one at a time. Suddenly you’re going to place a high value on family life. This weekend you will have to say no to a friend to reserve time for work issues.

SOON: Dream of feeling lazy suggests that you are still very aware of all the professional and labor. You have within you enough strength to reinvent yourself and that makes you powerful. Knowing how to forgive others is important for personal happiness. The best thing you can do is to control yourself. That’s because you’ve had a season of personal emotions and changes in your life.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling lazy signifies that family will be a very important point in your agenda. Something you long for will give you strength to go forward. If you are an artist or writer, your creativity will flow freely and in a great way. Without realizing it, you will try to organize the life of the people around you. You have people who support you and appreciate your work.

ADVICE: Empower them now, for you are well suited to it. If you have recently argued with someone in your environment, try to work things out.

WARNING: Think about what you may have done wrong and, once you discover it, act and rectify. Do not defy authority or you will be harmed.

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