Dream of Fancy

MEANING: Dream of fancy expresses that someone tests your ability to get around obstacles at work. Share the wealth of your heart with others. But do not be careless with driving, you must be attentive to that. Feel free to meet a good friend who has not been told the whole truth about a somewhat sensitive matter. Today you must take care of your mental balance and nerves.

SOON: Dream of fancy signifies that you smile at an occurrence of a child or someone you like very much and that gives you kind moments. You manage to master that dark side your dual character sometimes pushes you to. Some issues are clarified that restore order around you. You don’t know how to act, but the best thing, for the moment, is to let the circumstances act. Advising others monetarily and guarding their savings, is one.

FUTURE: Dream of fancy shows that if you change your doctor or treatment your situation could improve. Harmony will be important now to feel better. They are going to propose something very interesting, but not without risks. In the familiar everything will be better than ever. They will thank you from their hearts, though you must not let your guard down.

ADVICE: You must mature them more to succeed and so that no one can reproach you. Take it with humor, not as something definitive.

WARNING: Trust your own potential and ignore people who don’t trust you. Try not to expose yourself to unnecessary risks, which can seriously harm your mental balance.

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