Dream of Fame

MEANING: Dream of fame suggests that you must believe in yourself to achieve even more than you have so far. Returning to childhood from time to time is not a bad idea. Dreams are there to be fulfilled, although it is necessary to pay the required price. You are being too influenced by the people around you and it is time for you to take back your power. Soon someone will put on the table a very valuable practical key.

SOON: Dream of fame means that you now put all your attention on family, friends and co-workers. Your senses improve and that makes you feel more at peace with the world. I’m sure there is someone willing to follow you. It’s a good time as far as your health is concerned. Simply, your way of contemplating life, at least at this time, is quite different.

FUTURE: Dream of fame shows that pleasures will become more important to you and you will want to take care of all the details. Everything will be fine as long as you stay focused on your mission. For some time you will lose the key to your own happiness, but recovering it will only depend on you. There may be someone among them who can help you achieve your employment goal. You will see from another point of view a past event that until recently was hurting you.

ADVICE: Accept your feelings, know your goals and purposes and do what you have to do. Relax and try to let others know your wishes.

WARNING: You must turn a deaf ear to certain comments made by a political member of your family. Listen to offers but don’t decide anything for the moment.

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