Dream of Fabric

MEANING: Dream of fabric means that try not to let your concern show because it will only serve to heat up the environment. You will find answers to some questions that have been on your mind for some time. Stay calm so you can analyze in time what you can really change. In the afternoon you will have very pleasant moments, of calm and very friendly and amusing chat. In spite of how tenacious you are in other aspects of life, in this one you stand.

SOON: Dream of fabric signifies that you are living a moment of important personal change and you don’t know what will happen next. You are now in control of your finances and making good use of your money. The best thing is that you enjoy together again. On the one hand, satisfaction for the work done successfully. It’s time for you to take risks and decide to do new things.

FUTURE: Dream of fabric expresses that the ego will be very reinforced and even seductive. There are circumstances that will become much more favorable. Even if it costs you effort, you will be very comfortable. You will feel that you are valued at work and that your opinions are taken into account. With little effort, you will get others to act as you want, but without it being noticed.

ADVICE: Day quite suitable for bureaucratic or legal document issues. Practice flexibility and you will gain in strength.

WARNING: You should slow down if you don’t want to end up in the doctor’s. Be careful that all this does not make you feel bad.

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