Dream of Eyeshadow

MEANING: Dream of eyeshadow shows that you are anxious to discover the truth, because you know that truth is more powerful than fiction. You are trying to suppress it and erase it from your consciousness. It does not take much to make you happy. He may want something he doesn’t dare ask you directly. Now you will have it, since you recover part of a money you gave for lost.

SOON: Dream of eyeshadow suggests that the proximity of your birthday makes you feel in a good mood. These are signatures or agreements that are very urgent. It’s best not to get into the discussion and relax the tension before it gets too much for you. Perhaps it is time to consider, together with your partner, when you want to be parents. It’s better to focus and not do those ambiguous things that throw everyone off.

FUTURE: Dream of eyeshadow expresses that your reaction will be very clarifying of what you really feel. In your partner and friends you will appreciate above all sincerity and loyalty. What began as a beautiful friendship now becomes something more intense. You will enjoy a fairly relaxed day even if you are working. Betting money on your education could be one of the most convenient ways to improve your life.

ADVICE: Try to be thankful if you want to keep counting for those who love you. For once give yourself the gift of doing what you really want.

WARNING: Don’t get carried away with tinsel, don’t be frivolous. Make sure that your companions do not perceive your problems.

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