Dream of Expensive Watch

MEANING: Dream of expensive watch suggests that a trip abroad and falling in love with someone from another country will be the order of the day. You will have to dedicate the weekend to yourself, to take care of yourself and to rest. You are looking for a casual encounter to get closer to someone who has moved away. It will be great for you to drink hot broths and be at home in peace. You are in full control of your emotions and your actions.

SOON: Dream of expensive watch symbolises that essential goods are those that are not purchased. He approaches things with tranquility, but without shyness. The best thing is that you advance towards your goals with peace of mind. Your strategy is right and you must stay in that line. Your work situation is stable, but you can’t help but feel concerned.

FUTURE: Dream of expensive watch indicates that your success is guaranteed if you focus totally on what you want now. A change of scenery and even place of residence is not far off. Communication will be at a very good level with the whole environment. You’re going to have to be more careful about taking charge of your relationships. In the professional, you are in charge, you stand out.

ADVICE: Before taking any steps, consult with most. You must learn to laugh at yourself and put problems into perspective.

WARNING: Beware of accidents, be cautious in risky activities. Don’t worry if there are things you don’t quite understand.

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