Dream of Exercising

MEANING: Dream of exercising suggests that your health should be your top priority, but you don’t give it the importance it deserves. You are concerned about your health and it is because sometimes you do not take care of yourself and you overdo it. Try not to be so drastic in your thinking. Today you will have a good day and things will go smoothly. Labor issues will require you to make an effort to catch up.

SOON: Dream of exercising symbolises that what is interesting is what you can learn from what happens, not the facts themselves. Sometimes it is better to give up being right and choose to be happy. It’s time to enjoy life to the fullest, without hesitation of any kind. You must be very attentive to your economic situation. The good luck and good fortune of others spills over to you and touches you directly or indirectly.

FUTURE: Dream of exercising shows that harmony comes from the stability you have with your partner or those with whom you relate. Everything will be cleared up soon and you will not be harmed by it. Everything will be solved soon, but you must let go of something that ties you down. Home will be your refuge and you will feel very comfortable in it. You will spend a day with your family that will be very pleasant for you.

ADVICE: Check that what he says is true and then see how you solve it. Be careful on the next trip you have to make, especially with the loss of some object.

WARNING: Be prudent and manage your emotions well to avoid a downturn. Think that coexistence has its tolls and you have to pay them.

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