Dream of Exercise

MEANING: Dream of exercise symbolises that you may feel physically or emotionally drained. Today you will contact an influential person who could be very helpful in the future. You will not lack decision or inspiration to solve a money issue that is somewhat complicated. Evaluate what actions you can take to expand professionally. You should not be afraid of anything, just continue forward with determination and confidence.

SOON: Dream of exercise suggests that forgiveness is always an option, it’s up to you. Generally you are not too cunning because your character is more stubborn and upright than sinuous. It’s time to evaluate what you are really interested in for the future. Worries at work are being removed, at least for the time being. You are now looking to establish yourself in the workplace with great intensity.

FUTURE: Dream of exercise signifies that if you do this you will manage to dilute the bad moment and you will be much more victorious. You will surprise some people with your change of look, but they will finally like it. At work you will move in the middle of parallel activities and will be very tolerant with the rest. Group activities will be of great entertainment and pleasure. You will feel free to express yourself without fear of being told.

ADVICE: Search for truth and essence in the being that will share your intimacy with you. Trust, even a little, in the power of the unconscious.

WARNING: Don’t allow them this intrusion and, if necessary, put firm limits to these toxic relationships. Don’t try to stop others from doing what they think they should do.

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