Dream of Em Inglês

MEANING: Dream of em inglês indicates that you may be tearing people down and belittling them in some way. You will let yourself go without wanting to impose your criteria and everything around you will be harmonious. You are being kept out in the dark about certain issues. It’s time for you to free yourself from what they will say and bet on your own dreams. The steps taken are very positive, even if you have had a hard time to get things straight.

SOON: Dream of em inglês suggests that what you need to know now comes quickly to your ears. Whatever you do and decide, it is essential that you are honest with yourself and with her. After all, it is you who holds the reins of your life. You realize now that you are solely responsible for your happiness. You are running a business or a job with a lot of effort.

FUTURE: Dream of em inglês indicates that you will have to give in on some important issue to reach an agreement. You will feel particularly attractive and that feeling will give you a lot of confidence. Generosity will be a good weapon at this time. You will be happy and see your picture more clearly, with more energy and practical sense of life. You will be wrapped in something new and wonderful as if by magic.

ADVICE: Think that the best is always yet to come. Listen carefully to the words of a friend or co-worker.

WARNING: If you observe how a colleague criticizes and spreads a rumor, do not participate no matter what. Personally, try not to continually impose your wishes or you will not end the discussions.

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