Dream of Eating Cornflakes

MEANING: Dream of eating cornflakes shows that there are still some unresolved issues left hanging. Don’t deny yourself the possibility of feeling something very intense and deep for someone again. Luck will be your ally and that is why you are interested in seeing from a distance. Both your mental and emotional forces are building up inside and making themselves known. Today you will have time to file down roughness, especially if it refers to coexistence.

SOON: Dream of eating cornflakes indicates that if you see the waters being stirred up around you, it is good to get away and go about your business. If your actions have not done anything to anyone, claim your privacy above all else, you deserve it. You deserve that they not do with you what you do not do with others. The relationship begins to be more intense and mature. All that is not negative, but you must put it in quarantine.

FUTURE: Dream of eating cornflakes shows that you will be very optimistic and celebrate every small victory as if it were a battle. You will be very surprised, but before you tell him anything, make sure it is not true. You will see how they notice that subtle posture and begin to recognize your worth and ability. You will feel the absolute control over your body and will recover the desire to find love again. You will find great relief in your friends.

ADVICE: Now that the good weather is here, choose a destination with a beach. Focus on her and that communication that is so necessary for you.

WARNING: You don’t have to be afraid, just keep going. Don’t try to rush things or risk losing much more than you might gain.

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