Dream of Drank

MEANING: Dream of drank indicates that someone has power over you and are making you do things that you do not necessarily want to do. Your mental energy will now be directed to someone who meant a lot in your life. To really listen to the other is sometimes what you lack. You will have a situation that will not please you or make you happy with your partner. Your relationship would improve if you were not so fussy.

SOON: Dream of drank means that there is someone willing to listen to you and believe in that project that seems so complicated. It’s not a question of money and you know it, it’s a question of generosity and time. Rarely do you feel disturbed by negativity, because you have faith that everything will work out. If you are thinking of changing some aspect of your life, now is the time to do it. Your mind needs to expand and cross other horizons.

FUTURE: Dream of drank symbolises that major changes are coming in the workplace and you may even have to change your job. At that time you can explain what you want to clarify with him. Everything will make you very happy and you will get the best out of those moments. You will conclude your pending work activities and concentrate on your new responsibilities. The decisions you make in the workplace will be right.

ADVICE: Listen to someone who will give you his opinion in this area because he will be right. Expects visits from abroad, and good news too.

WARNING: Don’t expect anyone to initiate them and don’t trust a person who says they will. Do not give in to any blackmail, either financial or emotional.

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