Dream of Doorway

MEANING: Dream of doorway expresses that if you have a partner, it’s time to share more. It is important that you are very focused on economic issues today and that you review your accounts well. If you receive an offer to change your job, do not hesitate to accept it. You can’t pretend nothing is happening when something is happening inside you. There is something that you want to hold on to and preserve.

SOON: Dream of doorway symbolises that you can enter a professional project with a group of colleagues. You have a very pleasant afternoon due to your good mood and joy. The time has come to realize dreams and ambitions. It’s time for you to consider a change in your life so that nothing remains as it was before. You deserve to have a good time after a few tiring days.

FUTURE: Dream of doorway suggests that you will fully recover from the health problems you have had. If you assume the error and swallow your pride there can be a prompt reconciliation. Finally you can take a break and forget about the stresses and problems of work. You will be tolerant and will not lose your temper if something does not go as planned. You will feel much better when you have done it, even if it takes effort.

ADVICE: Expect major changes in your home area, your workplace and the world you live in. The next step is for you to take on your own.

WARNING: You must be aware of certain stones that may appear on the road in the next few days. Be careful with the bills, don’t do any kind of cheating.

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