Dream of Dogs

MEANING: Dream of dogs shows that you are feeling disconnected from life and society. You will feel very impulsive and willing to take risks that you would not have imagined before. You are experiencing an expanded sense of awareness and consciousness. You will have many plans for fun and enjoyment, but you will also feel somewhat overwhelmed. Everything spiritual will become reality now and you will taste it calmly.

SOON: Dream of dogs indicates that now it’s your turn to enjoy, relax and have fun with the people you love. The accounts begin to balance, you see that you have not been wrong in your decisions in that field. There are certain things that are just hobbies and you can change them if you put your mind to it. Your dreams have a price, but you have to muster the courage to walk towards them. You are at a good time to take charge of your life.

FUTURE: Dream of dogs means that what until now seemed difficult may be easier than you could have imagined. You will do it without too much difficulty, but you must be very attentive to the accounts. You will have much grace and ease of expression. You will avoid a major problem with your intelligence. You will be involved in creative activities, especially at home.

ADVICE: Be patient, but persistent at the same time, so that you can achieve what you so much desire in life. Continue to take steps forward as you are.

WARNING: They should not idealize that person, but learn to see their defects as soon as possible. Try not to get depressed and assume the circumstances.

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