Dream of Defecate

MEANING: Dream of defecate expresses that you will be by the side of those who need your help, be it family, children or friends. You will be calm and collected, though perhaps a little out of touch with some work issues. Some enemies may appear and project in you their own aggressiveness. If you conduct your energy in the right way, you will make great advances. Today you will be especially sensitive and will want to surround yourself with like-minded people.

SOON: Dream of defecate expresses that you are in time to back out of a decision you made without being completely convinced. There are roads that are not as fast as you thought, but you are on them. Without intending to, you find yourself leading an issue that affects several members of your family. You are still in a good mood and enjoying what is around you. Emotions are messengers, but you must be willing to learn from those messages.

FUTURE: Dream of defecate expresses that your heart feels generous and full of gratitude and there are smiles. Your emotions are intense and you show a lot of passion in everything you do. You may be invited to a dinner that will be pleasant and will help you forget that certain sadness. Some relevant facts will give you the guideline to see the truth. Your circle of friends can help you have a better image of yourself.

ADVICE: Try to be more flexible in your work and listen carefully to what others have to say. Enjoy an evening that may not lead to anything serious, but will be interesting.

WARNING: Don’t be influenced by too material and money-driven criteria. Avoid, however, imposing your ideas on others.

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