Dream of Dead Cardinal

MEANING: Dream of dead cardinal symbolises that someone will ask your advice and you should give it to them as honestly as possible. You act more with the brain than with the heart. Today you’d better stay home, because you’ll be looking for activities so you don’t get bored at all. You must focus on the present, on what you are living now with a person you love. Your self-demanding sometimes plays tricks on you, so you should be very flexible.

SOON: Dream of dead cardinal suggests that at work, you want to iron out the kinks with someone you don’t like. To look for yourself is to cultivate self-esteem, it has nothing to do with selfishness. A friend is counting on you to make plans for the weekend. You keep thinking about a person you like and you still know almost nothing about. Actually everything is easier than it seems, but you have to follow your instinct.

FUTURE: Dream of dead cardinal symbolises that family issues will be the most important topics. You will take advantage of this holiday to take things very calmly and not stress about anything. New ideas will come on their own, but you must have a little more patience. Playing your favorite sport can lead to situations you didn’t count on. The family is going to be very cooperative in this whole matter.

ADVICE: Take care of yourself because anything you do in this sense will be very positive. Take the day off with as much peace of mind as possible.

WARNING: Don’t get defensive and follow his advice. You can’t keep thinking negatively about someone around you.

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