Dream of Daycare

MEANING: Dream of daycare suggests that you will have to show your good communication skills to solve a family argument. Doubts will not arise from you, since you are sure of your feelings. Although it is hard for you to admit that, you will see that other doors open around you. Today is an appropriate day to start thinking about the things you must change. You and your partner are not going through a good time.

SOON: Dream of daycare shows that you are beginning to question some things that until recently you had not dared. Opportunities pass, and only you can make the decision to take advantage of them. Feeling proud of yourself is a positive thing and you extend that well-being around you. During these days the focus is on your professional life and your position in society. Even if you don’t realize it, your state of mind influences the rest of your body.

FUTURE: Dream of daycare shows that legal issues go your way and this brings you much more calm and confidence. You will be mature, responsible and better oriented in the professional. That will be the way to gain certain sympathies. You solve a pending money issue that was giving you a little headache. You will be very attracted to a person who will awaken your sexual desires.

ADVICE: If you want to regain your passion with your partner, you have to get your act together. Expect much from your few, but very good friends.

WARNING: Before embarking on a miracle diet you should have yourself tested. Take care of a cold that could be complicated by a sore throat.

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