Dream of Curry

MEANING: Dream of curry suggests that it will be a rather hard morning in which you will have to face some inconveniences. Today you should go beyond the messages that will come from someone you know little. Your pursuit for material gains is failing. You will live a most exciting experience or celebration with a loved one. You will live today an experience that will mark you positively for your future days.

SOON: Dream of curry signifies that your great energy gives you the strength to recover quickly from any problem. Perhaps some sentimental adventures are around the natives who do not have a partner. You have more resources at your disposal than you think to keep fighting in that delicate situation. The strange, the unknown, the unpredictable is powerfully calling your attention. Something important in your life has taken a turn and now it is your turn to assume it.

FUTURE: Dream of curry expresses that now there will be nothing that you wish not to achieve. There is a very interesting exchange of knowledge. They will be important truths that will change everything. You can get out of all situations as long as you don’t mess with anyone. That commitment to yourself is a very positive step.

ADVICE: Analyze all that well before talking to a person you care about. Act decisively to rise above the limiting beliefs of the people involved.

WARNING: Do not listen to those who are bent on criticizing everything, because they have hidden interests. After all, you don’t have to discover something that is very personal and belongs only to you.

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