Dream of Cultivated Land

MEANING: Dream of cultivated land symbolises that you acted correctly, even though you were not interpreted in the best way by others. At work you should measure each of your steps and not make any mistakes. Don’t give one of lime and one of sand to someone who thinks you’re attracted. You feel that you are taking a major risk in letting your feelings known. There is a negative influence in your life.

SOON: Cultivated land in dream signifies that actually, that’s just a little test for you. To want is to understand even without reason. You know, deep down, that it is just a whim and that it is perfectly avoidable. Now you have proven that it was not so important to feel good. Only you can evaluate if you are interested in making the effort.

FUTURE: Dream of cultivated land indicates that on the contrary, you meditate quite a bit before acting. You’ll have a great time because it’s a challenge you can overcome without any problems. There will be a celebration and you will be very happy together with yours. You will have to stay centered at least for a while in the morning. You’ll feel so good mentally that you won’t even believe it.

More about Cultivated Land

Dream of land shows that you will remember with great intensity what you lived with an old love. You will recover and obtain stability, durability and compatibility with your loved one. Tomorrow you will wake up renewed and full of vitality. You will be full of inspiration, of new energies. Writing is therapeutic and drives us where we want to go.

Dream of cultivated land contains special messages

ADVICE: Trust and keep walking forward with optimism and confidence. Take refuge in your friends whenever necessary.

WARNING: Stay away from a person who is going to get very heavy with his advice. Be content and do not answer in a snub way, it is not convenient for you.

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