Dream of Crying And Hugging

MEANING: Dream of crying and hugging indicates that discussions with your partner get you nowhere. Your point of interest today will be the material and you will even start to consider investing in something. Don’t spend on things that only serve to impress others and that you really don’t need. You may be considering more than one relationship. If you’ve had an argument with a friend, it’s time to apologize.

SOON: Dream of crying and hugging means that it’s a good time to remodel, buy or rent a new home. If you do, you regenerate yourself mentally and that is very good for you to face the week. There are good advances and you see, in addition, the economic possibilities that it has. Your restless spirit makes you rethink your current sentimental situation. You are lucky in all aspects of your life but you don’t seem to realize it.

FUTURE: Dream of crying and hugging suggests that the situation is complicated, in general, but it will improve little by little. Your partner supports you in everything so pay attention to him. You will reflect much on the meaning of friendship and nothing will be as before. From that awareness you can make the right decision. You stabilize both sentimentally and economically.

ADVICE: To follow the path of your dreams you need more confidence in yourself. Guide yourself by your inner wisdom and analyze what is best for you.

WARNING: Deep down you long for a series of changes in your life but you don’t decide to take control. Don’t let the expense be excessive or think about what others will say.

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I had a dream I saw my partner and ran up to him and hugged him. As I was hugging him I said “I thought you were leaving me forever” and he said he sorry and he wasn’t going to. And then I hugged him again