Dream of Companionship

MEANING: Dream of companionship indicates that that project you have been working on for some time will be successfully completed today. You are anxious to discover the truth, because you know that truth is more powerful than fiction. Everything around you today demands a lot of determination. Everything that was hidden will now come to light and you will know how to face it and understand it. Today you will take a leap into the void and dare to do something that you have never done.

SOON: Dream of companionship expresses that a greater self-control of your character and emotions is appreciated. The time has come for you to act with optimism and leave behind the things that do not benefit you. You may be thinking of new paths to follow in your professional life. Your career, your place in society, and your reputation are now at the forefront. Maybe he is like that or maybe he is a good friend who brings you more than anyone else.

FUTURE: Dream of companionship symbolises that new fields of knowledge or studies open up that can make you completely passionate. A friend may sign up with you at the last minute. You can now be sure that everyone who approaches you will be to bring something positive. Home and family can be a support point in new professional projects. A friend is going to give you some very important news that will make you feel proud of him.

ADVICE: Be simple and you will see that those around you accept you better. Allow yourself to enjoy your money with things that are not so necessary.

WARNING: Don’t pretend to be perfect always, because that is not possible. Avoid any complicated relationship where more than one person is involved.

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