Dream of Code

MEANING: Dream of code signifies that be responsible and everything will go as you wish today. Continue to cultivate and improve yourself in life. You are in complete control of a particular situation in your life. It will not be a day when family relationships are in high demand. You should improve communication with your partner, before making an important joint decision.

SOON: Dream of code indicates that it’s a matter of intelligence and communication skills. It’s time to listen, to pay attention to others. You need to spend time in solitude to clarify certain issues with yourself. You are in the right direction, although it is true that very slowly. Your vitality and energy level has increased and you are more positive.

FUTURE: Dream of code signifies that everything arrives and the celebration of a family member or a great friend is near. You do well to listen to other theories and draw your own conclusions. If love is genuine and there are good intentions, it will survive. The present moment gives you endless possibilities for improvement and change. Your partner or a family member will give you good advice and will reassure you.

ADVICE: Spreads out time better, while still looking for free spaces, without obligations. Diversify your interests and keep your sense of humor high.

WARNING: If you can’t, get away from it, turn off your cell phone. Be cautious of certain information that will reach your ears.

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