Dream of Clear Crystals

MEANING: Dream of clear crystals signifies that what seemed an inevitable tragedy becomes a fortunate occasion for you. You are becoming confrontational and quarrelsome. An unpleasant matter occupies your thoughts day and night. Some residual feelings that you have when you are awake can often express themselves in your dream. Walking fast will be the best exercise for a day like today.

SOON: Clear crystals in dream suggests that it’s time to start trusting yourself and your possibilities. A somewhat complicated work situation that has had you worried is finally cleared up. It’s okay to try, but to a certain extent. You are ready to commit to that person and formalize your relationship. You are responsible for what is happening.

FUTURE: Dream of clear crystals means that the compensation will be higher than you expect. Changes will arise in the fine threads that govern family relationships. You will feel very powerful and invincible and nobody will make you doubt. You will regain your strength and confidence and again everything will make sense to you. There are pleasant surprises waiting for you in the family environment.

More about Clear Crystals

Dream of crystals indicates that you’ll have a great sense of humor and see life in the pink. You reign again in the heart of someone very important to you. If you already have a stable relationship the passion will inspire your lives. The singles of the sign will be the center of attention at social gatherings. The time you invest will be recovered in health.

Dream of a clearing suggests that a somewhat delicate decision regarding a sentimental issue should be analyzed in detail. In addition, a friend will give you some news that can help you solve a professional situation. Normality seems to be returning, but be prepared for more changes. A new person will come to your job that will change everything. In this sense a good friend will give you a valuable key.

Dream of clear crystals contains special messages

ADVICE: Get to work and let what has to come out of you come to life. Live the present and flow with what life proposes and you will experience more surprises.

WARNING: If someone accuses you of being selfish, turn a deaf ear. Get some more rest because headaches and skin nerves will not be uncommon.

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