Dream of Chrysanthemum

MEANING: Dream of chrysanthemum signifies that there are events in the family and some unexpected repairs in the home. Distracting you and keeping you away from the problems of daily life will do you a lot of good. You feel conflicted about a decision and are stuck in the middle. Use it well because its teachings will improve your life. You must be more objective to evaluate everything in its fair measure.

SOON: Dream of chrysanthemum shows that if you are optimistic with others, it will be easier for them to show collaboration with you. Now it’s your turn not to worry so much about what might happen and just live in the present. Everything that involves communication is exalted. You like to go against the tide and you usually give your people something to talk about. You are doing very well and you know perfectly well that life is unpredictable.

FUTURE: Dream of chrysanthemum symbolises that an unexpected event will make you reflect on your ambitions. You will spend a very pleasant day, away from routine and doing the things you like best. This will save you a problem later, especially if someone asks you to account. In the afternoon you will share with a friend a very joyful evening at different levels. You could make a lasting friendship you don’t expect.

ADVICE: Take action in the right direction, and don’t waste time getting entangled in inconsequential issues. Trust your instincts and act with courage, without any fear.

WARNING: You need a different point of view than yours to solve an important economic issue. Don’t take it as a negative thing, it is part of your obligations.

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