Dream of Chihuahua

MEANING: Dream of chihuahua shows that don’t get depressed or think you won’t be able to do it if something happens. Some inconvenience or tension with neighbors or landlords will keep you on edge today. You are overly concerned with how others perceive you. A friend is going to pass on a comment that you don’t like very much. Someone will ask your advice for an investment, but you better stay out of it.

SOON: Dream of chihuahua shows that you can reorganize certain aspects of your environment and start again with more experience. Your emotional energy is in harmony with your will. You find the support you need in your partner(s). Life is a constant transformation and we have to inevitably go with its rhythm. This includes a new focus, a new direction, a new love.

FUTURE: Dream of chihuahua shows that you will contemplate everything around you with a certain distance and a sceptical point. Everything you need to attract that person you are so interested in is right now. You will know how to test it, discover its game. Women of the sign will be perfect hosts at any meeting. Talking to an acquaintance you will realize something that you have not yet shuffled.

ADVICE: Removes any fear of health-related issues or a medical test. Better continue with your current partner or go your own way.

WARNING: Create your own soundtrack and stop listening to the background noise that makes you so irritable. Don’t leave anything undone and don’t expect others to.

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