Dream of Chihuahua

MEANING: Dream of chihuahua shows that your intuition will now guide you on the right path. Today you might feel misunderstood by your closest environment. If you have an important meeting, try to go relaxed, with time and clear ideas. Let yourself go more by the emotions, without considering anything else than what you feel at the surface. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions.

SOON: Chihuahua in dream symbolises that you are in a vital stage of change and at times you feel nervous and at times excited. You’d rather live your own experiences than have someone tell you about them. Your great faith in yourself strengthens you and protects you from all evil. Your spirit is renewed with many hopes and new promises of progress. Your intuition favors you if you follow it in personal relationships.

FUTURE: Dream of chihuahua symbolises that a change in your social or work environment is coming. Your neighbors or your surroundings may give you some happy surprise. Someone closer than you think will bring good influences to your present and even future life. Everything will be for the good, but don’t waste any more time. They will open an interesting door for you, show that you are able to take advantage of the occasion.

Dream of chihuahua contains special messages

ADVICE: The harmony around you should be the most important thing for you at this time. Be calm if you have to explain a subject to someone again and you have already done it several times.

WARNING: Don’t make the same mistakes and exercise much restraint in your spending. Don’t delay a doctor’s visit that may be important at this time.

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