Dream of Charms

MEANING: Dream of charms expresses that a co-worker has forgotten to do something important and you have no choice but to take it on. You need to evaluate your goals and how you are going to achieve them. Today you will spend a long time in solitude and you will taste it. On a field trip you will experience a great feeling of fullness and well-being. You will feel something sad and nostalgic when remembering scenes from your past that will not come back.

SOON: Dream of charms indicates that someone tries to say something and not with words, but with gestures. On the job there is a category or position election to be made and you are one of the candidates. Family togetherness is an important part of emotional stability for you and your loved ones. You have them and it’s time to trust them. If you see the waters being stirred up around you, it is good to get away and go about your business.

FUTURE: Dream of charms shows that if you accept, you will have to leave your comfort zone, but it will certainly be worth it. You can propose to accept the person you love as they are. You never know who will be your superior in the future. You will work hard and demonstrate supernatural perseverance. This psychological support will be a real pillar to reach those goals you have set.

ADVICE: If in doubt, ask advice from a person who is independent, more objective. Try to do a little more exercise and you will feel renewed.

WARNING: Beware of falling into strange situations with a family member or a person close to you. Make your mind and soul flexible and go with the flow, do not oppose anything for the moment.

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