Dream of Carrying Wood

MEANING: Dream of carrying wood symbolises that the sensual is still very much in the limelight and so is the artistic. If you have children, you will do something important for them, probably related to their studies. Your interest is now focused on traveling and learning more about other cultures. You are in a good time to discover what you are in this world for. Don’t push too hard on labor issues today because your demands won’t be well accepted.

SOON: Carrying wood in dream suggests that one of the most beautiful things in life is overcoming one’s difficulties. A desire arises in you that you had long ago silenced or put aside mentally. It’s time to look ahead and seek company with your arts of seduction. You may question the principles by which you have organized your life. What she wants is to move towards some point in the relationship and be clear about what you want.

FUTURE: Dream of carrying wood indicates that apart from all this you will be safer and later you can explain your posture. You deserve to be happy and you can get it. You might want to take a couple of days off. Someone could give you some very good news related to work. A reflection before saying anything will help you to approach things from objectivity.

More about Carrying Wood

Dream of wood suggests that they will offer you a new opportunity that will allow you to apply your enormous potential. You will reflect on some economic issues to see the possibilities of eliminating some expenses. New people and new landscapes come into your life. In the domestic arena you will find something you thought was lost. Chatting and making some outings together will do you all good.

Dream of carrying wood contains special messages

ADVICE: Show yourself pedagogical and adapt your speech to each interlocutor. Try something new, something that can renew you and give you a plus of energy.

WARNING: Don’t take the responsibility on others, because someone who doesn’t deserve it can get hurt. Don’t obsess and let the day go by in the most peaceful way.

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