Dream of Carrying Window

MEANING: Dream of carrying window indicates that thus, it is possible for you to dare with a professional project that you would not have even dreamed of before. You have poor self image or poor health. As it is, it is convenient to be discreet. It’s your time to move towards one of your personal goals. Try not to get your most demanding part with someone who may not be as smart as you thought.

SOON: Carrying window in dream means that when you help others you feel good and when you don’t help others you feel guilty. It’s time to put a little more balance around you. Sometimes, going unnoticed is the best policy. Love and romance are strong at this time. The economy is stabilized, as long as you don’t spend too much and don’t indulge in misplaced whims.

FUTURE: Dream of carrying window expresses that you’re likely to run into some pleasant surprises. You will have time to enjoy with your partner and live moments of passion with her. You will come renewed and with clear ideas after this little escapade. Perhaps that sincerity will be much more useful to you than you think now. Reading will serve as a means to relax and clear your mind of worries.

More about Carrying Window

Dream of window shows that some unexpected plan will bring you out of the monotony. After chatting with her or him and giving him love you will feel calm and inner peace. You have a moment of emotional stability that will come in handy in business or at work. You will take a big step forward and be even closer than you once dreamed. You get solutions for something you didn’t think would be fixed so soon.

Dream of carrying window contains special messages

ADVICE: Don’t worry about everything being in place. Do the math and you will see that it can be complicated, but not impossible.

WARNING: Do not regret what you have done or decided in previous years. Don’t trust email or whatsupp for a money matter.

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