Dream of Carrying Pregnant Woman

MEANING: Dream of carrying pregnant woman means that something material arrives that you were expecting and that suits you very well. You are worried about financial problems that don’t have to come. Any group activity you have planned promises to be very enjoyable. There are small problems and annoyances that need to be dealt with. A friend you haven’t seen in a while will visit you by surprise.

SOON: Carrying pregnant woman in dream shows that your social activities are emphasized by bringing a lot of activity into your life. You tend to manichaeism, not everything is pink, nor black or white. You fight with all your strength for what you want. You can take the leap as long as you do it with awareness of what you are doing. The confusion and uncertainty of days gone by is far from you.

FUTURE: Dream of carrying pregnant woman suggests that that freedom of action in everything will suit you very well. That will liberate your spirit which is thus comforted. You will be puzzled, at least at first, but, little by little, the pieces will fit together. You will feel more at peace when everything is fine. You will know who it is throughout the afternoon.

More about Carrying Pregnant Woman

Dream of pregnant woman symbolises that somehow, you reinvent yourself and leave behind some hindrances or debts. Yesterday’s memories return and your romantic nature gets excited like never before. You will be liked very much by someone who is going to introduce you and you must not lose track. You’ll want it to be perfect, especially if it’s family. You will have answers you did not expect, and you will undertake a life full of meaning.

Dream of a woman signifies that pending issues will have to be addressed. Now you will have very clear what does not suit you or delays you. You will be talkative and intelligent and that will improve your image a lot. Friends and new contacts will now be lucky charms. These characteristics will lead you, sooner or later, to professional success.

Dream of carrying pregnant woman contains special messages

ADVICE: Deep down, you need me to be on your side, to speak well of you. Take advantage of the resources it offers to go far.

WARNING: Don’t fall into overconfidence with people who haven’t shown you that they are your friends. You should not think twice about it if you have recently suffered a break-up.

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