Dream of Carrying Bamboo

MEANING: Dream of carrying bamboo expresses that today try not to enter into vain discussions of any kind and relax. Don’t push a matter over which you no longer have any control. Prepare your best clothes and go out to eat the world. You have a tendency to not finish what you started. Work hard and try to make your projects bear your personal stamp.

SOON: Dream of carrying bamboo expresses that in the last few months you have made many changes that have been positive in your life. If you are overweight, you can seek the help of a good nutritionist. The best thing is to be clear and not keep anything to yourself. Maybe you hadn’t thought of coming back, but if the offer is interesting, take it. Romantic love is something different from what you had thought until now.

FUTURE: Dream of carrying bamboo shows that an important celebration is approaching and you want to rise to the occasion. On the contrary, if you suffer from any problem or ailment, the recovery will be quick and total. You find yourself climbing the ladder of success. You will need to be firm in your new bet and move forward even if not everyone supports you. Someone coming from a friend asks you a favor in which he claims your hospitality.

ADVICE: Expect great moments of passion, because there will be. Trust the professionals because everything will turn out quite well.

WARNING: Watch out for headaches, they can give you a hard time. Let him speak, but don’t assume his way of seeing life, everyone has his own.

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