Dream of Carpenters

MEANING: Dream of carpenters expresses that you will see how it is not so complicated, and peace and communication reigns again among you. Nothing and no one can stop your ascent to new heights. Stay away from negative energies, dark or sad. You realize that none of their words or attitudes are worth taking into account. Avoid thinking about the things you will have to face tomorrow monday.

SOON: Dream of carpenters symbolises that the most important thing is that you do not skip, under any circumstances, the physical exercise. When you get what you want you always look for ways to share your rewards with others. You may feel a little short of money, but buckling up once in a while is not bad. Sometimes it is not so bad to express certain complaints, although in a calm and respectful way. You are low on energy and you do everything possible to take care of your diet.

FUTURE: Dream of carpenters indicates that you will make a firm resolution to get out of everything monotonous or repetitive. In this sense, you will handle well something that will happen around you. A fact will appear that will test your stability with your partner. An older person depends on you like never before. You create strong bonds of affection for the future.

ADVICE: You just have to be clear about what you want. If the kings haven’t met your demands, give yourself a treat at the sales.

WARNING: Don’t let an argument at work make your day bitter, because it’s not that bad. Put aside your need to control everything.

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