Dream of Buying Lotion

MEANING: Dream of buying lotion shows that very few but very good friends will be with you now collaborating in everything you need. You may be experiencing some major struggle and overwhelming problem. You are building a protective barrier or emotional wall around yourself. Add massive doses of understanding to your words. With friends, you will be the center of attention because of your communication skills.

SOON: Buying lotion in dream expresses that health recovers and you are flooded with many energies. You have begun the path of building your emotions. You find a way to tell someone what you don’t like about their behavior. You are in the final stretch to achieve one of your important goals. The best thing is to let yourself go and even do nothing.

FUTURE: Dream of buying lotion signifies that you’ll get through the whole conflict and relax. Economically there is potential for some positive change. They will recognize and respect your knowledge and experience. An encounter with someone influential will guide your steps. Before the end of this month you will arrange a job interview.

More about Buying Lotion

Dream of lotion signifies that nothing will happen and you will feel better if you rest and regain your strength. Internet will be the right channel to reach more people and find diverse opinions. You are meeting a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. Your good judgment will prevail and you will feel very satisfied with your achievements. You will prepare everything for leisure with great care and the plans will go as you wish.

Dream of a buy indicates that a long-cherished and very interesting project will finally materialize. You will feel better and it will be very comforting. You will receive interesting job offers through your address book. You will have problems with friendships and may lose a friend due to a misunderstanding. Parents or important figures will recognize your potential and you will receive their support.

Dream of buying lotion contains special messages

ADVICE: You must complete one project before starting another. Don’t lose contact with someone who will offer to help you with one of your goals.

WARNING: Be more permissive and do not react abruptly or it will be worse for you. Be careful with accidents, be cautious in risky activities.

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