Dream of Broom

MEANING: Dream of broom expresses that at the last moment you could overcome the temptation to do something that does not suit you. Perhaps there is someone who you need to reach out to. Strive today not to become obsessed with something related to your body that you think is not working well. You will be given some very good job-related news that will somehow change your reality. You get a little disorganized now in the sentimental aspect.

SOON: Dream of broom symbolises that sometimes it is better to stop and take on reality than to continue walking with your eyes closed. You know, deep down, that it is just a whim and that it is perfectly avoidable. Your economy now depends on controlling your expenses. Success is measured by courage, confidence and bravery, qualities you know very well. You are still in a good mood and enjoying what is around you.

FUTURE: Dream of broom suggests that any beauty treatment will give you excellent results. You will get through it, but you must work without throwing in the towel. You will be filled with charm, mystery and seduction. You recover a friendship or a lost contact that is very convenient for you. You will have a very positive idea to help a friend who needs you now.

ADVICE: Analyze and discover your inner power and you will dare everything. You must have patience and continue to go forward by gathering willpower.

WARNING: Make a call to a family member, long overdue. Don’t let your more rational side justify a life away from your emotions.

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