Dream of Bracelet

MEANING: Dream of bracelet signifies that your disappointment is not justified, but your ego does not allow you to see it. Do not be influenced by third parties in a matter for which you are solely responsible. You are moving quickly and effectively through some old emotional issues. The craziness in your life is getting out of control. Don’t play with fire at work and try to be on your own without getting into any trouble.

SOON: Dream of bracelet signifies that your time has come to achieve dreams and ambitions. If the discomfort persists, it is best to go to a doctor who can advise you. It’s time to speak up, to courageously express what your heart feels. It’s time to look ahead and seek company with your arts of seduction. Emotions can be healing if you manage them correctly.

FUTURE: Dream of bracelet indicates that if you persist you will succeed, no doubt, and be proud of yourself. You will meet someone out of the ordinary who will attract you. You can even afford to be a little eccentric. The person you like will notice you for the first time and that will encourage you a lot. Taking distance from the everyday is something that will now be very useful.

ADVICE: Enjoy what you are experiencing but at the same time expand your view of the possibilities. Enjoy the rhythm your body asks for, without forcing yourself.

WARNING: Don’t let this complicate your existence and stay at home, even if you have commitments. Don’t be afraid of a meeting you will have soon.

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my mom was handing out bracelets to sisters and friends, and I wanted one. She gave me 3 pealed garlic cloves instead. i thought she was being biased towards me