Dream of Blue Tent

MEANING: Dream of blue tent signifies that relationships improve and romance says present. If you act intelligently, you will take advantage of that task that deep down you don’t want to do. You care too much with what others think of you. This is not the time to make a scene at work, nor to claim improvements in work. You are doing something despite being told not to do it.

SOON: Blue tent in dream symbolises that life is teaching you to have confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make. From time to time it is good to mark the territory, to make oneself desired. It’s better to be a little conservative now. Sometimes you wonder if you did the right thing. You have the wisdom to continue with your own life.

FUTURE: Dream of blue tent suggests that you will feel inner peace after daring to do something that was not in your plans to do. You will feel much more optimistic and calm and you will take the day with a lot of calm. Your emotional relationships will be presented in the most favorable light. You will feel more free to do those things that you used to consider as healthy madness. A little jump to another place can help you know what you want to be different.

More about Blue Tent

Dream of tent suggests that the state of confusion will vanish at night, when you arrange everything in your own way. Your thoughts are now focused on everything that is related to the domestic or the children. You are about to finish a professional cycle and start a new one. Listening to music can do you a lot of good to get back in tune with your true self. An experienced person will give you an interesting tip or hint.

Dream of blue tent contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to stay calm because in the end everything ends up coming out. Be a little more careful about the companies you lately frequent.

WARNING: Respect their decisions even if you don’t share them. Leave nothing to the care of others, not everyone can be trusted.

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